Luis Maria de Puch – Immediate Formula is to be Found for Renewing Political Dialogue between Georgia and Russia

PACE President Luis Maria de Puch stated an immediate formula is to be found for renewing political dialogue between Georgia and Russia.
PACE President made the following statement at the press conference held in Strasbourg. News agency Regnum reports regarding this.
‘Investigation are to be called immediately in order to clear who is responsible for the breaking a war.’ – PACE President Luis Maria de Puch remarked.
The fact, that 2 members of European Council carried out military actions , is the violation of the international law.

Solana to Visit Georgia Tomorrow, September 30

The European Union's foreign policy chief, Javier Solana, will visit Georgia tomorrow, September 30, to discuss an EU monitoring mission in the Georgia's conflict zones.
In the frame of his visit Javier Solana will hold a meeting with President Mikheil Saakashvili and visit a South Ossetian refugee camp in the city of Gori.
More than 300 European Union staff -- civilian monitors and support – are already in Georgia, and had begun deploying to field offices in western and central Georgia, namely in Tbilisi, Gori , Zugdidi and Poti. The mission launches its work on October 1.

US Congress Apportions USD 365 Million for Georgia

US Congress apportioned USD 365 million for Georgia. The corresponding resolution was approved by the both houses of Congress and is already sent to US President for signing it.
‘The sum is to serve the economic and humanitarian assistance of Georgia and to undertake energetic reforms‘– is said in the document.
USD 365 Million is the part of 1 billion promised to Georgia by US President and Secretary of State on September 4.Georgia will receive the rest of the amount till the end of the year.

Sergey Lavrov Calls UIN to Take Measures to Avoid War Propaganda By Communication Media

Sergey Lavrov, the Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation calls the UN to take measures in order to avoid war propaganda by communication media.
The Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation made the following statement in his speech held at the UN General Assembly on September 27.The news agency reports regarding this.
‘It is necessary if we want that the truth not to become the first victim of the war again.’ – Sergey Lavrov stated.
Sergey Lavrov underlined that is necessary the charter of the declaration of 1970 to be defended. The charter says: ‘The state is obliged to refrain from propaganda of aggressive military actions.’
Sergey Lavrov remarked the inadequate realization of the reality hamper to resolve the conflict and helps to return the bad practice of ‘Cold War ‘.

63rd Session of UN Assembly to Begin in NY

The 63rd session of UN General Assembly began in UN headquarter in New York.More than 120 heads of states and governments will make the speeches at the session. The global issues such as peace and security, combating terrorism, protection of human rights and environment, social and economic development will be discussed at the session. Traditionally general political discussions will be held within the framework of the session.Besides, the issues of UN Security Council’s reforms, activation of General Assembly and AIDS will be discussed.Commons political discussions will begin on September 23 and last till October 1.By the information of UN press service the presidents of Georgia, Brazil, USA, France, Serbia, Argentina, Gabon, Lithuania and Iran will address the opening session of the UN General Assembly. ‘Ukrainian President will be the first from the CIS who will make a speech on September 24. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov will make his speech on September 29’, reports the UN press service.

Sergey Lavrov – Thank God Saakashvili is One and Unique Phenomenon

Recognition of independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia doesn’t make precedent for Transdnestria and Mountainous Karabakh, declared Sergey Lavrov at the Federation Council today on September 18.
Russia will actively take part in arranging all conflicts in the space of CIS peacefully. Besides, it will happen considering international law terms, UN resolutions and considering the previous agreements. We will implement mediator’s mission during the processes of negotiations and it refers directly to the Transdnestria and Mountainous Karabakh’, mentioned Lavrov.
Lavrov declared that Russia isn’t going to use the methods of Georgian government to settle the problems and they aren’t going to bomb peaceful population and peacekeepers.
According to him there is no parallel between these. ‘Thank God, Saakashvili is one and unique phenomenon’, mentioned Lavrov.
The Federation Council’s Session was held today, on September 18. The main issue was international situation referring to Georgian-South Ossetian and Georgian-Abkhazian conflicts and Russian Federation’s role in arranging regional conflicts and the world crisis.

Sergey Lavrov – Georgian Government Tries to Flee from Implementing Frame-Agreement Charges

Georgian Government tries to flee implementing the frame-agreement charges, which considers arranging crisis in Caucasus, declared Sergey Lavrov at the Federation Council.
Georgian Government tries to flee from implementing the terms, which were accepted by Russian and French Presidents in Moscow’, declared Sergey Lavrov.
According to him, Georgian Government affirms that they won’t use forces against Abkhazia and South Ossetia and that those republics must be in the boundaries of Georgia.

Meeting of Defense Ministers of NATO Member Countries to be held in London

The meeting of Defense Ministers of NATO member countries will be held in London during two days.
One of the main issues of the discussion will be Russian-Georgian conflict and its consequences for North-Atlantic Alliance.
NATO delegation has been in Georgia, where the representative commission was led by Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer’, mentions the radio ‘Tavisupleba’ (‘Freedom’).

Jaap De Hoop Scheffer States that August Events Can not Influence NATO-Georgian Relations

Jaap De Hoop Scheffer states that August events can not influence NATO-Georgian relations.
This statement was made by NATO Secretary General on a briefing held in Avlabari residence together with Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili.
He says that he believes to president’s words and recognizes Russian intervention to Georgia, though he welcomes independent investigation that will be undutiful facts regarding August events.
Georgia can not do lots of things alone. It will not be able to solve all problems and that’s why EU is mediator in this case. We are not mediators, though our support to Georgia is unequivocal. NATO expressed its attitude to Georgia at the beginning and this attitude was negative. I declare once more that Abkhazia and South Ossetia are parts of Georgia’, - Scheffer stated.
NATO Secretary General also spoke about Ukraine. He states that there is problem in Ukraine like in Georgia. There are problems of ‘Pink coalition’.
Scheffer also stated that Ukraine must respond on the issue of NATO integration as according to Scheffer’s announcement NATO will not force anyone to enter the alliance.
NATO Secretary General left president’s Avlabari residence several minutes ago. NATO Secretary General and NATO Council Members will fly to Brussels.

Matthew Bryza – Military Aggression Carried out in Georgia may only Exceed Georgian Integration in NATO

Military aggression carried out in Georgia may only exceed Georgian integration in NATO; this was declared by US Deputy Secretary State Matthew Bryza after the meeting with the ambassadors of NATO and OSCE.
The meeting at ‘Courtyard Marriot’, which was attended by Jap de Hoop Scheffer, was finished several minutes ago.
Russia continues abrogating the six-point agreement, which was reached by the mediation of the President Sarkozy. Russia violates international law terms, namely the resolution of UN’, mentioned US representative of State Department.
According to Bryza, he has already managed to speak with the ambassadors of NATO, who mention that the constructive negotiations are way and significant goals are achieved.

Sergey Lavrov to Admit that ‘Exaggerated Actions’ have Taken Place by Russian Side

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov admitted that ‘exaggerated actions’ have taken place from Russian side.
‘I’m sure the exaggerated actions took place from the both sides. There was warfare and when you see that you are being shot at night you go to help Tskhinvali, your responsive shots mightn’t be defined not to injure some one innocent’, declared Sergey Lavrov after his visits to Abkhazia and South Ossetia.
According to ‘Itar-Tass’, the representative of Foreign Department has declared that ‘Anti-Russian Virus’ has penetrated into Georgian people’s mind.
‘What Saakashvili does, helps anti-Russian virus to penetrate into Georgians. We wouldn’t like to see the same in Russian people’, mentioned Lavrov.
Lavrov called Saakashvili not to distort history, because it’s very dangerous.
‘Russia won’t commit speaking by slogans. No one will be able to assault Russia’, mentioned Lavrov and added that ‘mentioned dirty policy is dirty diplomacy’.

World Health Organization Session to be Held in Tbilisi

The 58th session of the European Region’s Committee of World Health Organization’s is held in the hotel of ‘Sheraton Metekhi Palace’ on September 15-18.
As InterpressNews was informed by the Ministry of Health, at the annual session the official entities of 54 countries will discuss the progress achieved in the sphere of Health Care, the development of the system, chronic diseases, children and adult health and the social factors defining the health.
The World Organization General Director Margaret Chan was intended to make a speech at the session today, on September 16, at 09:00 AM. At 16:00 Chan will meet the Prime Minister. The meeting is planned with President Mikhail Saakashvili.
The session will be held from 09:00 till 18:00 every day on September 15-18.

Tbilisi to Host North-Atlantic Alliance Council’s Session

Tbilisi hosts the session of NATO Council’s.
In two-day limit visit the Secretary General will meet the representatives of Georgian Government, as well as Opposition and NGO. Tomorrow on September 16 he will visit Gori, where he will see the damaged places and population who incurred losses due to the Russian aggression.
Today, on September 16, Jap de Hoop Scheffer will hold a briefing with Mikhail Saakashvili at the Avlabari Residence.
This will be the last arrangement of two-day visit. After this NATO Secretary General and the Ambassadors of 26 countries will leave Georgia.
The airplane of NATO Secretary General landed at Tbilisi international airport on September 15 at 14:20. The representatives and ambassadors of NATO member states arrived together with him. Jap de Hoop Scheffer moved to the hotel ‘Courtyard Marriot’, where the session was held. Scheffer made the preliminary speech at the session.
Jap de Hoop Scheffer and Georgian Prime Minister Lado Gurgenidze held the joint press-conference.
NATO-Georgian frame-agreement was signed yesterday, on September 15. This agreement is considered to be the significant step for Georgia’s integration in NATO.

Sergey Lavrov is Awaited in Tskhinvali Today on September 15

Russian Foreign Minister is awaited in Tskhinvali today, on September 15.
By the existed information, the meetings will be held with the de facto officials and the commander-in-chief of Russian peacekeepers Marat Kulakhmetov.
According to Russian sources, ‘at the meeting all the issues will be discussed which are connected with establishment of diplomatic interrelation, preparation of the decree of commonwealth, military cooperation and mutual assistance’.
As it’s known, the official representative of Russian Foreign Ministry Andrey Nesterenko has declared that the official registration of the agreement with South Ossetia and Abkhazia is planned for next week,
Lavrov will arrive in Tskhinvali from Abkhazia.

Vladimir Putin Waiting for Improvement of Relations With USA New Administration

Russian federation prime-minister Vladimir Putin is waiting for improvement of relations with USA new administration. This information is spread by Ria Novosti based on French paper Figaro.
I’m waiting for improvement of relations. They strained our relations and let them improve it’, - Putin stated in interview delivered to French paper ‘Figaro’.
Russian prime minister noted that one of USA politicians, state secretary stated when Lincoln was president that they preferred relations with Russia more than all European states, who added that at least because Russia wanted good for them.
Putin says that when global processes started in the world, Russia and USA appeared to be together.
‘This indicates that united interests are above some disagreements. This was during the first and second world wars. We never forget this in Russia. We want our American partners remember about this’, - Vladimir Putin stated in interview.

Poti Free From Russian Occupants

Russian occupants and armored technique left Poti this morning at 18:00 am.
Four armored carriers and three Urals left Nabadi block post. Russian federation flags hoisted on Russian armored carriers.
Urals were loaded by robbed things, furniture and office technique.
After 15 minutes Russian armored technique left one more block post. 6 armored carriers and four Urals left.
Russians started to get ready yesterday late at night. They took containers that were dug and were used to spend night at.
It is not known whether territories where Russians located are safe. Roads to these territories are closed and mine experts will start to work there.

Russian Occupants Not Hurry to Leave Kveda Chkhorotsku

Russian occupants have already left Senaki region villages Teklati, Menji and Khobi region village Pirveli Maisi.
They are awaited to pass Enguri Bridge these minutes. They will move to Abkhazian territory by passing Enguri Bridge.
What about Chkhorotsku region village Kveda Chkhorotsku, Russian occupants are still there an illegal block posts have not been abolished. On the contrary packed up things were taken this morning into the village by "Kamaz’. The local government presumes that this proves that Russians are not going to leave Chkhorotsku these days.

Case Details To Be Sent to European Court to be Spoken today in Office of ‘The 42nd article of Constitution’

Details to be sent to European Court will be spoken today in organization ‘the 42nd article of Constitution’.
As InterpressNews was informed by the organization today, suffered people whose cases will be sent to European court will take part in press conference. Two men freed from captivity will attend the press conference. One of them is Ossetian. He was forced to hide his origins not to be fired because of his kind attitude towards Georgians.
Governor of one of the villages and Sakrebulo member will take part in the press conference, who had witnessed vandal actions against Georgia. They will voice facts unknown to society. Among them will be fact how 17 Georgians were simultaneously fired.

Telephone Conversation between Sergey Lavrov and Condoleezza Rice

By the initiative of American Side the telephone conversation was held between the Russian Federation Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and US Secretary State Condoleezza Rice, on September 11.
According to the Russian Foreign department, Lavrov and Rice spoke about the current situation in South Ossetia and Abkhazia, in context of the results of the Russian and French Presidents negotiations on September 8.
As Lavrov declared, Russia will do its best to stabilize situation in the region in future too, according to Medvedev-Sarkozy agreement.
As he says, by the terms of this agreement, the additional international forces will be deployed at the territories of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, to avoid new aggression from Tbilisi.
‘What about the territories of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, theis security is provided by Russian forces according to the agreement with Abkhazia and South Ossetia’, reports the web-site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia.

Mikhail Saakashvili NATO not to Protract Process of Georgian Integration in Euro-Atlantic Alliance

The agency Associated Press spreads an interview with the President Mikhail Saakashvili.
The speech referred mainly the process of Georgian integration in NATO. Saakashvili calls NATO not to protract this process, in another case Russian aggression will proceed to endless history. In the opinion of the President, NATO mustn’t show weakness.
‘In case, Georgia doesn’t become member of NATO, Russia will strengthen its control on Abkhazia and South Ossetia, what was the main target of Kremlin. In future, this will become the prescription of other similar intervention ‘, considers Mikhail Saakashvili.

UN to Discuss Possibility of Peace Mission in Abkhazia and

UN discusses the possibility of peace mission in south Ossetia and Abkhazia.
According to RIA Novosti, this was declared to the journalists by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.
‘We learn the possibilities of using peace mission and other mechanisms for Abkhazia and South Ossetia. I have almost everyday contact with the world’s leaders regarding the issue of arranging Georgian-Abkhazian and Georgian – Ossetian conflicts’, mentioned UN Secretary General.
As he says, ‘UN has intention to send special mission to Georgia and South Ossetia, which will learn the humanitarian situation after the war’.
The Secretary General hasn’t defined the terms but mentioned that the negotiations are under way about the mission’s format.

Sergey Lavrov to Visit Separatist Abkhazia and so Called South-Ossetia

Due to the issue of opening diplomatic representations in Abkhazia and South Ossetia, Russia’s first diplomat will visit these regions.
The information about this was spread by the radio ‘Mayak’.
The radio depends on the statement of the Minister that ‘wehave to see everything on just its place. Because of objective reasons, this will be much easier to do this in Abkhazia, but in Tskhinvali – we will see’.

Sergey Baghapsh – Abkhazia not Intend to Have Status Associated with Russia

Abkhazia doesn’t intend to have a status associated with Russia, declared Sergey Baghapsh during his talking with the members of international discussion club.
‘The question isn’t raised in this way, Russia has no claim and doesn’t want to get rid of anything’, mentioned Baghapsh.
According to him, Abkhazian people have already made their choice and supported the independence.
As Baghapsh mentioned, Abkhazia continues friendly interrelation with Russia.
‘Now we will build the independent state, and we will have the best interrelations with Russia. It is our best partner, these are the people who helped us, when we faced difficulties’, declared Baghapsh.
In the opinion of Abkhazian separatist leader, it’s important for Abkhazia, that the world society estimates the occurred situation correctly.

Dmitry Rogozin Calling for NATO Council Members to Cancel Planned Visit to Georgia

Russian permanent representative to NATO Dmitry Rogozin called for NATO council members and alliance general secretary Yaap de Hoop Scheffer to cancel visit planned to be held in Georgia on September 15-16, - Agency ‘Ria Novoti’ informs.
‘This visit is not appropriate and we demand it to be cancelled. We percieve that the visit was planned lots times ago, but tragic events that took place in South Ossetia are sensible reasons to cancel it’, - Rogozin stated in Brussels.
He stressed that this visit was discussed by Georgian side as total political and military support to Georgia.
Rogozin called for NATO states, OSCE and EU to impose embargo on transporting military technique to Georgia.

Russian Occupants Continue Preparation to Leave Poti

Russian occupants continue their preparation to leave Poti.
They removed the armored hardware, which were hidden in the trenches. They have also totally removed the wire obstacles, ‘Urali’ type vehicle is mobilized which is carrying away the stock.
The number of the militants has also reduced at the territory of Nabada.

Georgian Policeman is Victim of Fire Opening from Russian Post

Russian militants opened fire to the Georgian police post located at the Karaleti adjacent at 10:15 AM today, on September 10, due to what, Georgian policeman Kakha Tsotniashvili was wounded in head and neck.
As MIA informs, Tsotniashvili has died as soon as he was taken to the hospital. Georgian side hasn’t opened the fire.
By the existing information, the fire was opened by the Ossetian ‘Boeviks’, who weren’t halted by the Russian so called peacekeepers, who were deployed at Karaleti.

Sergey Lavrov – If Georgia Becomes MAP that Means that NATO

If Georgia becomes MAP thatmeans that NATO backs the aggressor.
Sergey Lavrov, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia, stated the
following in his interview given to Polish TV company.
As Sergey Lavrov remarked Condoleezza Rice, US State Secretary, and her assistants – Daniel Fried and Mathew Bryza declare that if Georgia used forces to resolve the conflict this would undermine its perspective to become member of NATO.
‘There from politicians are to be responsible for their words. We are interested in collaboration with NATO but in collaboration and not in illusion.’- Sergey Lavrov Declared.

Political Union of ‘Georgian Politics’ Released Official Statement

The political union of ‘Georgian politics ‘released an official statement. The statement reads:’
The political union "Georgian Politics" denounces Russian aggression towards Georgia and states that at the cost of their life will permanently object to any attempt of the foreign country to violate independence, territorial integrity and sovereignty of the country.
Georgia has been defeated. It’s a tragedy. Thanks Lord the defeat is temporary. The defeat has got the organizers, instigators, in a word – accomplices.
We name the authorities as the organizers of the defeat, we name as accomplices those political forces which have come out with the initiative of moratorium on debates and discussions with the view of alleged purpose of community consolidation strengthening that have led to the toughening of the censorship, which has been established by the authorities on mass media as it is.
We blame for defeat and call instigators those political parties which, starting from mercantile inducements are pulling Georgia into NATO and right here we note that among the instigators of the kind are presented the political parties which in 2007signed the memorandum with the view of joining NATO.
We blame and impose responsibility on the parties, the representatives of which go abroad in order to get the instructions, which hold Georgia away from actual independence and have turned it into the victim of neocolonialism.
We bow down before those heroes who perished in unequal fight and in the present state of affairs we state – today Georgia fights in American- Afghan warfare, today Georgia fights in American- Iraq warfare, and what is more tragic, Georgia fights in undeclared American-Russian warfare on its own soil.
"Georgian Politics" based on the principle "the truth and nothing but the truth" calls everybody who loves Georgia to come out with demands from Georgian authorities to start taking care of the procedure, which may grant Georgia the status of non-alignment. By means of this status Georgia will take the first step towards the actual, real independence, peace and humanism.
Р.S. We call the political parties functioning in Georgia and which today already abstain from joining NATO to stop profiteering and to recall those statements on the issue which they have been making just several months ago.

Nicolas Sarkozy - No Russian Militant Must be on Georgian territory on October 15

The President of France declares that no Russian militant must be on the Georgian territory on October 15
The above- mentioned announcement was made by the President of France in the joint briefing held after his meeting with Mikheil Saakashvili.
AS Nicolas Sarkozy underlined Russia undertook the commitment to withdraw all its troops from the Georgian territory till October 15.
Sarkozy hopes that the commitments of agreement will be met. If Russia violates again the agreement, ‘the matter will look else wise.’
The President of France finds vital important as well the agreement regarding deployment EU monitors in Georgia after the pull-back of the Russian troops. The President of France highlighted that EU monitor will be deployed not only on the territory controlled by the Georgian government but also in Abkhazia and south Ossetia as well.
The third point focused in the agreement and also in the briefing was the issue apropos the returning of the IDPs to its houses. As Sarkozy remarked that he means not only IDPs pulled from their houses during the recent confrontation but also the ones who were force to leave their houses in 1992.
The meeting between Saakashvili and Sarkozy started approximately at 11:30 pm and lasted an hour. Afterwards the joint briefing for the foreign media has been held.

Mikhail Machavariani – Yesterday’s Agreement is First Step for Georgian Total Deoccupation

Parliament’s Vice Speaker Mikhail Machavariani assesses ‘The Plan of Conflict Arrangement Peacefully’ as the first step for Georgia’s deoccupation.
As Machavariani declared at the Parliament’s first plenary session, 8th September’s agreement is part of the big way we must pass for the country’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.
According to him, the current problems will be resolved by the world society support.
‘The main thing is the process develops in right way and we face the consequences, but we have left many steps for the final result’, added Machavariani and called his colleagues to do their best to support the processes.
‘We are content with the results, but anyway we must be careful in optimism’, declared the Vice Speaker and added that the Parliament must be focused on this target, their work to be efficient

Nicolas Sarkozy - EU Backs Territorial Integrity and Sovereignty of Georgia

The EU backs the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Georgia. The EU chairman Nicolas Sarkozy stated the following in the briefing held in the Presidential Residence in Avlabari.
As the President of France remarked in Moscow he together with the high representatives of the EU – Xavier Solana, Jose Manuel Baroso and Bernard Kushner, condemned the recognizing of the independence of south Ossetia and Abkhazia by the Russian Federation.
‘It is nobody’s matter to review the borders established by the UN.’ –Nicolas Sarkozy highlighted.

Nicolas Sarkozy - Agreement Reached in Moscow is not Outstanding Result, but it is Maximal Managed by EU on this Stage.

As Nicolas Sarkozy stated the agreement reached in Moscow is not an excellent result, but it is the maximal what the EU managed on this stage.
The president of FranceNicolas Sarkozy stated the following in the briefing held after his meeting with the Georgian President. Bernard Kushner, Jose Manuel Baroso and Xavier Solana attended the meeting as well.
‘On the fist stage of the negotiations, on August 12, when I arrived in Tbilisi, we achieved the cease-fire agreement. Now the agreement concerns pulling back of the Russian troops to its dislocation points positioned before the war.’ –Nicolas Sarkozy remarked.
As the president of France underlined it is not an excellent result but added that there is a ‘light’ in this regard and expressed hope that the result would be soon gained.
Nicolas Sarkozy highlighted that during his first visit the capital of Georgia was in jeopardy. Now Georgia does not face such jeopardy and it is the main result of the mediators – Said the President.
The meeting between Saakashvili and Sarkozy started approximately at 11:30 pm and lasted an hour. Afterwards the joint briefing for the foreign media has been held.

EU State Leaders Agree on Sending Observers to Georgia

EU state leaders agreed about sending observers to Georgia.
TV Company Rustavi 2 informs that the decision was taken in Avignon, France, where foreign ministers arrived with special train.
EU foreign policy coordinator Javier Solana states that formation of the mission will be ended in 10 days and police subdivisions will be located in Georgia together with OSCE observers in the end of the month.
Details are agreed, but several items were left open by leaders, that will be decided by Sarkozy in France on Monday during visit to Russian president Dmitri Medvedev.
Slovenia foreign minister Dimitrij Rupel says that Russia will be demanded to abolish illegal block posts, as the mission must work only with occupied zones. Exact number of the observers is not stipulated, though it is known that several hundreds of policemen will take part in it.
Poland has already offered EU leaders to send its representatives to Georgia.

Gali Region Low Zone Villages In Blockade

Gali region low zone villages are practically in blockade.
As InterPressNews was informed by local residents of Gali, products are not provided to Gali.
Population says that they used to take nuts to Zugdidi from Gali and sold it and then bought products. Now they state that Abkhazian and Russians imposed high taxes on administrative borders and they are not able to enter Zugdidi.
Malkhaz Akishbaia – chairman of legitimate government of Abkhazia doesn’t officially prove the information about taxes.

Euro Parliament to pass 35-point Resolution Referring to Georgia

Euro Parliament will pass 35-pint resolution referring to Georgia today, September 3.
As the broadcast company Rustavi2 informs, the resolution will be tough enough, that if Russia doesn’t implement assumed obligations till September 8, serious sanctions will be passed against it.
Euro Parliamentarians discuss the principles of the sanctions as well, the sanctions won’t be imposed on the common population, but on the businessmen and officials, who accept decisions.
Besides, the resolution considers an issue of economical assistance to Georgia as well, including the assistance in restoration of damaged infrastructure due to the Russian aggression.
‘Euro Parliamentarians demand Europe to proceed to the real actions instead of the statements and assessments, because after Georgia the European countries will be in turn of Russian dictate.

Russian Embassy to Cancel Functioning in Georgia from Today, September 3

Russian embassy will stop functioning in Georgia from today, September 3; this was declared by the Russian envoy in Georgia Andrei Smaga declared this at his visit to Georgian Foreign Ministry yesterday, on September 2.
Georgian side gave Smaga an official document, according to which Georgia has ceased any diplomatic interrelation with Russia.
As Smaga declared, this is one more mistake from Georgian side, which doesn’t strive to arrange interrelations.

OSCE PA Special Envoy to Hold Meetings in Tbilisi Today, September 3

OSCE Parliamentary Assembly President Emeritus Goran Lennmarker will hold meetings with Davit Bakradze, the chairman of the Parliament of Georgia, Lasha Zhvania, the chairman of foreign relations committee, Eka Tkeshelashvili, the minister of foreign affairs of Georgia and Ruslan Abashidze, Deputy Minister for Reintegration issues today, September 3.
OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Special Envoy for Georgia, Goran Lenmarker will leave Georgia on September 4.
Mr. Lennmarker was recently appointed as Special Envoy for Georgia by OSCE PA President Joao Soares and he is also engaged in seeking to solve the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenian regarding Nagorno-Karabakh.
Mr. Lennmarker, a member of the Swedish parliament, is tasked to work on supporting the conflict settlement process particularly at the parliamentary level.

Parliament of Georgia to Cancel State of War Today, September 3

Georgian Parliament will cancel the state of war today, September 3.
The chairman of Parliament of Georgia - David Bakradze declared the following at the meeting of bureau held yesterday, September 2. As the chairman stated the country is transferring from state of war into state of emergency .The state of emergency will be declared only on the areas where the Russian illegal armed forces are dislocated. Davit Bakradze remarked that the state of war has been causing obstructions to the state’s economy. The session of Parliament will be held today at 16.00pm.
The state of war was declared on 9th of August and on the 23rd of August it was prolonged till the 8th of September by the decision of parliament.

Franco Fratini to Pay Visit to Georgia Today, September 3

Franco Fratini, the minister of foreign affairs of Italy will visit Georgia today, September 3.The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia reported InterpressNews regarding this.
In the frame of his one-day-visit, the minister of foreign affairs of Italy will hold a meeting with Eka Tkeshelashvili, the minister of foreign affairs of Georgia. After the meeting a joint press conference is planned.
The meeting with Lado Gurgenidze, the Premier-minister of Georgia is in the agenda of European envoy as well. After the meeting Franco Fratini will visit the occupation museum.
The minister of foreign affairs of Italy will meet Mikheil Saakashvili, the President of Georgia, at 19:00pm.
The Italian diplomat will leave Georgia late today.

EU Suspended Talks on Russia Pact

European Union leaders have agreed to suspend talks on a new partnership agreement with Moscow until Russian troops have withdrawn from Georgia.
EU Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso and French President Nicolas Sarkozy confirmed the decision at the end of an emergency summit in Brussels.
They also condemned Russia's move to recognize the independence of Georgia's regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

Nicolas Sarkozy – EU to Support Georgia Financially

The EU will support Georgia financially – Nicolas Sarkozy stated the following after the special session of the EU .
As Ria Novosti reports, the President of France fixed that the EU would not like to cut partnership ties with Russia.

‘Live Chain’ Connected in All Big Cities to Prove Georgian Unity

The ‘Live Chain’ will be connected in all the big cities to prove Georgian unity.
The ‘Live Chain’ in the capital will be connected between the Freedom square, Rustaveli avenue, Melikishvili street, Vake-Saburtalo road, Khazbegi avenue, Pekini street, Baratashvili bridge, Avlabari and temple Sameba.
The ‘Live Chain’ will be in Kaxeti from Telavi to Gurjaani, 40 kilometers length, also from Gori to Karaleti, in Rustavi, from Rikothi tunnel to village Khevi, from Zestaponi adjacent to Etseri. Also from Kutaisi to Partsxanakhanebi, from Samtredia adjacent to village Marani. As well in Poti, Senaki, Enguri bridge, from Sarpi to Choloki and so on.
The ‘Live Chain’ will be tied in all that European capitals, where Georgians live and people of other nationalities will participate in this action too.
The ‘Live Chain’ will start in Georgia at 15:00 – simultaneously with the European Council summit in Brussels, where the sanctions against Russian aggression in Georgia will be discussed.
His Holiness and Beatitude Catholicos Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia II sanctified to participate in the ‘Live Chain’ and to pray. People must say prayers to our Father God and Saint Mariam. These prayers must be said several times a day together with the ‘seven-times prayers’ and psalms.

In Parallel EU Summit, G8 Countries Meeting to be Held in Japan

G8 member countries meeting will be held in Japan in parallel the EU summit today, September 1.
Except other significant issues the Parliament Chairmen of G8, will discuss the situation in Georgia.
Seven countries of G8: Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Canada, USA and Britain have condemned the recognition of independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia by Russia.
Russian DUMA press-speaker Boris Grizlov will arrive in Japan as well.
G8 countries’ summit will last till September 3.

70.7 % of Respondents See Georgia’s Only Way out in Entering NATO

405 respondents participated in social survey of ‘Kviris Palitra’, edition of August 25-28.The results, of the question - ‘Is entering NATO Georgia’s only way out?’ – look like this.
Yes – 70, 7 %
No – 11, 3 %
I have no answer – 18, 0%

Leaders of EU Countries to Discuss Georgian-Russian Conflict at Special Summit

The leaders of the EU countries will discuss Georgian-Russian conflict at the special summit in Brussels today, September 1.
Lado Gurgenidze, the premier of Georgia and Eka Tkeshelashvili, the minister of foreign affairs of Geo
rgia will represent Georgian side at the summit.
The summit is to discuss the issue concerning imposing sanctions on Russia cause of Russia’s aggression carried out against Georgia and recognition of separatist regions. It is not excluded that EU –countries limit withdrawing visas for population of Russia. Imposing economical sanctions on Russia are backed by Poland, Baltic countries and some countries of east Europe. As for positions of west Europe it is comparably mild concerning this.
The mediators in Georgian-Russian conflicts – France and Germany are supposed to demonstrate new initiatives at the summit.
The EU probably will call on Russia once again to withdraw its troops from the territory of Georgia.
Ahead of the summit the Premier-minister of Great Britain – Gordon Brown
fixed his strict position. The premier called NATO and EU countries to oversee fundamentally the relation with Russia.
Protest rally engaged to support Georgia will be held in parallel the summit in the centre of Brussels.