Some commercial banks sell dollar for 2.51 GEL

1 USD costs 2.51 GEL at several commercial banks of Georgia. This information has been posted on their webpages.

At the moment consumers can buy 1 USD for 2.51 GEL and sell for 2.43 GEL at Bank of Georgia.

Dollar price is 2.5130 GEL at TBC Bank. Its selling price is 2.4370 GEL. Bank Republic sells the dollar for 2.5150 GEL and buys for 2.4280 GEL.

As for Cartu Bank 1 USD costs 2.4900 GEL here and its selling price is 2.4400 GEL.

Yesterday the GEL has reached its historical minimum against the dollar. Official price of 1 USD has become 2.4694 GEL.

On 23 February 1999 it reached the price 2.45 GEL for 1 USD, though it later decreased in two days to 2.38, while on 27 February the exchange rate was fixed at 1.93.

According to the National Bank of Georgia the new exchange rate will be set on January 25

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